Author: jpiteo

The Importance of Gin and Tonic

I’d like to examine the importance of the Gin and Tonic.  I’m kidding, right?  No, the Gin and Tonic is important for many reasons.  And some of those reasons have historic implications.  But before I get ahead of myself, and for those of my friends who like me to get to the point, here’s the perfect recipe: 4 ice cubes, spheres are better (spring water at less than -10ºF) 3 ounces gin of Plymouth Gin (or Oude Jenever if you can find it) 3 ounces of Q tonic water a splash of soda water 1 lime wedge (about 1/8 thick) squeezed slightly into a chilled...

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A Personal Introduction

It is perhaps the height of arrogance to make the assumption that writing words on a page or in a blog means someone actually might want to read them.  The Internet provides the newest venue for the human idiosyncrasy that must have begun with scribbling on cave walls.  These ancient images testify to the nature of humans, I think, a nature that is unique to our species. It is with humility then that I offer my musings on the virtual cave walls of Here I shall scribble my thoughts, opinions, and conjecture.  But be warned, these are unfiltered unfettered monographs, certainly not tempered by the “politically-correct police”, unbent by any desire to...

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