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Why Does “Designated Survivor” Survive?

As we begin this review, remember the title question is “why” does the ABC TV series Designated Survivor survive?  Not how.  Like other TV shows, Designated Survivor had itself to survive the momentous event of Donald Trump election over ABC’s preferred candidate.  Caught mid-script, the producers and writers of the show had to make some very fast adjustments to switch from a puff-piece on a liberal democrat president to a hit piece on Trump, the Alt-Right, and all things conservative. Designated Survivor is a terrible series in many ways.  The storyline is absurd, the actors are so stereotypically wooden that...

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The Charlo Gambit

Many years ago, there was a boy who lived in my neighborhood whose name was Bobby Charlo.  Like most of the kids that lived on the block, Bobby was happiest when he was doing something like letting the air out of the tires of Sister Mary’s bicycle or pushing his little brother into the street.  Bobby was not evil, he was just excited about being annoying.  Now, in full disclosure, I must admit that I have changed Bobby’s name for this article since the real person is a well-respected doctor, and I’d rather not be the one who exposes details...

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The Paradox of Healthcare

In case you haven’t noticed, it is no longer your great grandfather’s healthcare system.  In fact, your great grandfather did not have a healthcare system at all.  Your great grandfather barely had a doctor, let alone an entire system. In 1930, my father was pinned between the coal truck he was unloading and the house’s foundation.  The vehicle’s rear bumper snagged his hip cracking his pelvis above the ball joint.  After freeing himself from the clutches of the coal truck, and with the help of a passerby, he made his way home. Did he call and ambulance, no.  Did he go...

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The Sausage and Peppers Debate

One of the most critical problems in the world today is finding the correct name for the dish containing peppers and sausages, this dish being one of the most important factors for life on earth.  I say forget Iran and nuclear weapons;  I say put the global warming issue in the toilet — let’s talk about a truly important issue. I have no idea when or where Sausage and Peppers was invented, I suspect it was before the wheel as it is fundamentally more important than the wheel to the development of civilization. One would think that eating sausage and pepper...

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